…Struggling To Make Any Money Online?


From:  Carl Carter & Colin Thompson

Dear Friend,

It’s no secret to us or to virtually all the successful online ‘Guru’ marketers that the most important part to creating a successful and lasting business which stands the test of time is to make sure you are building a loyal list of interested and buying customers!

Without list building your long-term Internet marketing dreams won’t even get off the ground and that’s a FACT!

Unknown Fact:  87% among the 95% of failed online Businesses  NEVER used an                                                  auto-responder or email list!

What You Need Is a Customer Base
That Looks Like This!

— So Who Are We? —

I’m Carl Carter and I am a full time chartered marketer both online and offline, I’ve been involved with internet marketing and product creation since 1995.  I regularly speak to online and offline businesses all over the owrld including the UK, Europe, USA, Middle East, China and India on sales and marketing strategy, tactics and techniques, internet marketing, e-mail marketing, search engine optimization and driving traffic.

Colin Thompson has been a full time online marketer since 2007 where he started selling his consultancy services to businesses like Groupon and BMW – demonstrating to them just how important list building was to increase their targeted customer base and profits.

If you’re struggling getting to grips with list building and just can’t figure all the steps out, or if you have a list but can’t make a dime don’t worry as I was once in your shoes!

I was bonbarded every day from one marketer or another, there were so many emails I was struggling to see how I could ever possibly break into list building with there being so much competition, everyone kept saying ‘the money is in the list’ – but how could I begin to get in at ground zero and start making money?

So I forgot about list building, and continued with my plans trying to make money online, only to find myself fall at every single hurdle I came across, yes like many of you, I also tried:

  • Affiliate marketing  
  • Creating my own products
  • Selling MRR products
  • Selling PLR products
  • CPA
  • Adsense Sites
  • Amazon Sites
  • One-Click Push Button Products…

…Only to fail each and every time!

…The solution was obvious but I ignored it for a while, until I knew if I kept ignoring it I would be doomed to fail online!

…The major flaw to my online business was simple…I wasn’t building a list of potential prospects and buyers for the things I had readily in front of me to market!

Don’t Follow In The Footsteps Of The other 87% Of Businesses That Fail To Build Themselves Huge Buyers Lists!

As soon as I bought myself a low-cost auto-responder, learned how to create a few targeted squeeze pages offering free goodies, my fortunes changed completely almost over night.  Colin and I then ‘fine tuned’ a highly targeted step-by-step list building marketing system that we use and have taught to many ‘inner circle’ students.

Now Internet Marketing Doesn’t Get Any Easier Than That!

List Building Firestorm will walk you through the steps to creating an explosive list of targeted buyers, while showing you exactly how to start profiting from your list with just a few days it will then show you how to build your list and auto-pilot income like a firestorm that you just can’t stop!

This is the most comprehensive list building course around, there is no other that comes even close to this and that’s a guarantee!

This is the ultimate List Building Game-Changer!
From now on, List Building will be divided into 2 camps:
Those WITH List Building Firestorm and the poor suckers WITHOUT.

But Don’t Take Our Word For It
Here’s What Others Have Said!

We launched List Building Firestorm on the Warrior Forum first…
Here are just a few of the rave reviews the product got…

This Cuts The Crap and Takes Anyone
From ZERO to 3,000
Buyer-Hungry Leads In 60 Days
Or Your Money Back!

This course comes with these killer
highly valuable ‘business in a box’ bonuses:

We’re Sick & Tired With Over Hyped
Products That Do Nothing
But Let People Down!

We’re tired of listening to others talk about list building that we know simply will not work!

That’s why we have developed the ‘Cream Of The Crop’, it has no ‘missing links’ and leaves no stone unturned, in fact it makes virtually all other List Building products look obsolete of just ‘full of hot air’!

This is why we are offering you this incredible deal, because we want to see you succeed online and the only way to do that fast and effectively is by starting with building a list of targeted buyers – we’d love to add you to our long list of successful students or maybe even work with you int he future!!!

List Building Firestorm is the only course that will teach you effectively all there is to know about growing a huge responsive list that makes you money each time you send an email out!

…We leave nothing out!

If You Own A Profitable List, You Control
Traffic, You Control Your Destiny
– Not Your Boss! –
We are so confident you will love our List Building Firestorm Course
We are giving you a 100% Satisfaction Guarantee.


Just Imagine, within a few weeks from now having
your own 3,000+ hungry buyers list that keeps growing like a firestorm
where you can earn $700 by sending out a simple email!

Go ahead and order right now
– we know you’ll be happy you did
we guarantee it!

Buy Now

P.S. Grab List Building Firestorm today if you want a 3,000+ buyer-hungry list within 60 days – GUARANTEED!

P.P.S. Grab it now while you can, it may be ‘SOLD-OUT’ if you come back later….


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